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FAT ENZO is a custom t-shirt shop located on the EastCoast of America’s Penis, in West Palm Beach, just South of Northwood. Specializing in screen printing (utilizing plastisol and water-based inks), graphic design, and dye sublimation, FAT ENZO can handle any/all of your garment decorating needs. From small orders to mass production, professional illustration to brand development, band merchandising to apparel finishing and fulfillment, our customer base spans the entire country. At FAT ENZO, we focus on the 3 B’s: Bands, Brands, and Businesses (and when we say “businesses” – we’re talking any team, group or event – including, but not limited to, clubs, cults, street gangs, etc).

We also conceptualize, design, decorate, and market our own brand of ridiculous, sarcastic FAT ENZO “T-SHITS” (without the “r” – “t-shirts” pronounced w/ a dumb Boston twang).
West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach

FAT ENZO; definition of

  1. a corporate brigade of “free thinkers” characterized by their absurd t-shirt designs, hyper-sarcastic marketing tactics, above average intelligence, and superior grasp of language despite their incessant use of offensive rhetoric.
  2. our mascot, i.e. a yellowish, canine mutt (exact origin unknown) on the verge of obesity.
    1. This overweight dog is thought to bring luck to, and serve as a fictional spokesperson for, our company and brand.