What´s a podcast?

Es  un tipo de medio digital que consiste en una serie de episodios de audio (radio) o archivos de video suscritos y descargados a través de la distribución web o transmitidos en línea a una computadora o dispositivo móvil. La palabra es un neologismo derivado de “transmisión” y “pod” (del éxito del iPod), ya que los podcasts a menudo se escuchan en reproductores de medios portátiles. 

Potential Guests

If you, or someone you know, resides in, or will be visiting, the New York City area and would appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed on my podcast, kindly fill out the form to your right and press the “submit” button. If you are really ambitious, you may drop me a email or give me a ring via (866) 970-9997. I’m mobile – armed with my trusty field recorder, SLR camera and GoPro – I am capable of producing content almost anywhere. We can meet wherever is most convenient to you – office, restaurant, coffee shop, laundromat, the Staten Island Ferry, up on top of the Empire State Building – you name it. 

I’m also looking for Boston-based interviews.

Bobby Pickles